Prostate enlargement

A baby age 1year come my clinic.his mother told me he hold his penis at night and rubb this. I recommend antihistamines but no response.plzbshare management?


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J H Clarke recommended merc sol for the tendency to pull and tear at the prepuce causing emaciation, in boys. Please give merc sol 30.

May be phimosis or infection. Please check.

There is indication of ""Thuja "" and you can give this medicine to your chaild patient ..( this symptoms may due to child's desire to urinate )

Rogan e Gulab mixed in safoof e Hikka and apply Marham e dakhilo

See the patient for localized infection , skin infection or infection in prepuce, retract the skin and clean mucosal debris , Hygiene to be maintained, No use of Bufo Rana in this case , read the medicine picture than you would know why not

Cina , Calcaria Phos may be helpful

Buforana 30 OD

Virechan acid ok kro

Candid 3D cream for external use

Nat mur 30 tds , croton tig 30 tds In allopathy Aatarex 2 mg / kg/ day Czson nb oint Azee 10mg / kg / day

Thank you doctor
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