why Acute nasophyrangeal bleed

A boy of 9yr h/o playing in farm and water.c/o sudden, profuse bleeding last one hour ,from both nostrils, a thick saliva blood stained discharge ,dysphagia,o/e severe anemic pallor ,phyrenx almost blocked. no h/o fever, truma ,tonsils, or blood disorder.



My patient that boy was severely anemic because of profues bleeding.My college had put NGT tube,bloodgrpingRhtypeing complete cbc chem, blood profile done. Iv line for shock treatment given planned shifting for higher hospital for blood transfusion..suspected bleeding Git,heamangioma, oesp Varicose. But ,l had seen similar case, before.. 0/E found green mass like bulge,in superior palate, too much salivation blood,tonsils oedamatous, total phyranex almost congested obstructing so much he was apoenaic .placed on oxygen.l called for prong foreps,and pulled out green mass amounting to 150cc sac .when l retracted NGT l found similar green mass creeping on it. Guess, to your surprise it was" "LEACH" fully loaded with blood with sucking cusp on adhering firmly to superior and post wall of pharynx.leach is a helmenth in fresh water streams and marshy waters feeds on blood of humans and cows and buffalos. its sucking pads secrets power anti- coagulant "HIRUDIN". Bulky blood loaded leach was causing acute obstruction naso phyrengeal air way.

Plummer Wilson syndrome nasopharyngeal angiofibroma are DDS

@dr vekatesh venky no sir its not correct

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