A camp was organised for students of primary school around a year ago and today got to hear from staff of school that these kids have started educating their parents about oral health and ill effects of tobacco



Appreciate your efforts Doctor...... Happiness and satisfaction we get from the success is priceless. Really inspiring... Congratulations and keep up your good work....

Thanks a lot sir

Great ... It's really necessary for primary level.. and helpful to prevent dental diseases... Regards

Thanks sir

Thats very nice doc... the best patients are definitely kids

Actually in rural areas people use to avoid unless it becomes a disease..dentistry in our country is still confined to pain and prosthetics..though in some parts esthetic is coming upto front .but still we are missing out the community who needs our focus ..we must educate at level when these kids are growing as they witness things in daily lives and they are the only source that can make their parents to quit habits

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U educated them well it means ... camp was successful

It feels like an achievement sir..seriously speaking we haven't expected such a response

Nice doc

Thanks dr

Very nice

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