A case of 24 year old girl, as she is suffering from hormonal disturbance, her CT scan shows pitutary gland is small , and USG shows polycystic ovaries and she is suffering from Amennorhea since 2 years, her TSH is normal, Her mental is nervous , anxious , forgetfull, affectated, censorious, talkative,fear about her ailment,@ Physical: Dwarfish, with mild obesity, General: thirstless, craving for spicy, Past history: Piles before 1 year What to prescribed Doctors ? help me out



Dr Moin Khan! You have mentioned that CT Scan brain revealed SMALL PITUITARY GLAND. Dwarfism, obesity, amenorrhea as well as psychological symptoms may be due to GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency). GHD is usually due to pituitary disorder. Better to take opinion of Endocrinologist.

Sir , here Dr khandelwal mam (Endocrinologist) has said same thing that she is suffering from GHD and she has advice for CT scan and for hormonal injection whic is refuse by this girl , whats your opinion Sir on this case

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History is incomplete. . Here are some remedies which are helpful. .. Sulph, Baryta Carb, tub, Nat mur, conium, Etc. .. Select your remedy according to glandular affections. ..and differentiation. . Thank you

Its a challenging case... @Dr. Moin Khan sir, what about the weight? sleeping habits.? occupation? family history? why Head CT scan is advised?

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir her weight is 35 kg, her height 4.5, she is a teacher , her mother is anemic ,her father is strict and she has a great fear of her father nd become anxious of father

@Dr. Krishna Mohan sir please share your valuable opinion on this case.... we need expert opinion on this case....

Pituitary -30 thrice a day. Kali Brom-6 thrice a day.

According to Unani system of medicine it is disease of melancholic houmor caused by cold and dry temperament of blood in which due to excessive cold ovaries freeze and not able to ovulate all the sigh and symptoms are due anovulation. Treat with hot and moist medication .ovoid cold and dry food Line of treatment will be munzij and mushil drugs for 40 days Majoone najah 10 gm HS Itrifal ustukhudose 10 gm od Habbe rasut 2 TDs Habbe musaafi khoon 2 TDs Give javitri .ajwain . gugglu for wt loss .

puls may be helpful

Thyrodinum 1m-one dose Pulsatilla 3 -8hrly.

Calc.carb will b helpful.

Never prescib on commons. Select on chracteristics. Thirstless is puls.

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