A case of 7 yr old boy complaining of pain on left side . Past history of injury due to fall before 2 months. A asymptomatic large swelling seen on left lower region clinically. Kindly suggest d diagnosis n treatment. D/d Ameloblastoma.???????



It's a case of.. ? Odontogenic tumour.. .AMELOBLASTOMA.. Biopsy for confirmation and further management..with.. Expert's opinion is always better..


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D/d Okc Ameloblastoma Space infection Advice opg Correlate with radiological features. Advice biopsy

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Space infection Ameloblastoma Odontogenic tumour Biopsy

With your DD as Ameloblastoma I would inch toward the same and a biopsy would be the next course of action. However you haven't mentioned the intraoral clinical appearance or the presence of a carious tooth if any. These might help in having other DD's as well. Please do update the progress for us to know as well :)

Sir kindly add 3D CT close up view left side

Left ramus completely hollowing out...and extending towrds pteryoid plerxus area???

Ameloblastoma Space infection Odontogenic tumor Biopsy for confirmation and management

Seems like space infection Adv Biopsy for confirmation and management T/t I & D

Make biopsy to confirm Dx

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