A case of ALOPECIA AREATA, CAME TO ME WITH NO COMPLAINT OF ITCH AND ERUPTION.... SKIN BECAME SMOOTH.... PATIENT WORKS FOR DMRC, he said the complaints started after his supervisor started humiliating him with overtimes and after all this he filed wrong EC, that arrested his salery..... he turned sleepless, anxious, thirsty, ambithermal, pain in lower extrimities, h/o haemorrhoids,last winter please comment on this.....



Lycopodium-200 single doge.

Staph 200 ,considering ailments from anger with indignation

Lycopodium,acid flour, is helpful medicine

Leech therapy is useful

Give nux 1m Ailm mort Honour Wounded Disappointment....think of Ign later

nit acid 30 local

Pulse 200one One Dose dry on tongue. Ffolllowing rubrics taken Ailm mortification from. Emotional and mental symptoms from. Anxiety. Sleepless. Sleeplesnes cause by. Lower limbs. Pain Pile hair falling. Pulse.

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Lyco 1m single dose. Jaborandi hair oil at night

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Lycopodium may. be helpful.

Dear Dr. Hemender Singh, Advice for your patient, First do mundan and wash that area with triphala quatha . Then do shirodhara with maha bhringraj tail. Tab. Saptamrutlauh 1 tds. Tab. Brahmi vati with gold 2 at bedtime with milk. Avoid salty food. Avoid use of shampoo. Instead of shampoo you can use ritha, amla, shikakai boiled water.

Useful update

LYCOPODIUM.30 thricedily .

Thanks sir
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