Aplastic Anemia

A case of Aplastic anemia, ACS, Ischemic Hepatitis and Sepsis. Chief Complaints A 19 yr old male attended Mopd with fever, multiple episodes of loose stool n vomiting since 3 days. No associated Blood or mucus in stool, pain abdomen, chest pain, cough, SOB, Dysuria, rashes over body etc. He is a K/C/O Aplastic anemia and was taking cyclosporine and eltrombopag since 3 yrs. Pt was mild dyspenic, PR was 112/min , SPO2 98%.pt was severe pale. Rest General and Systemic examination was normal. Routine Ix with Antibiotics and Whole blood and platelet transfusion was advised. Pt was admitted. Reports were available after few hours showing Raised SGPT of 1124,SGOT 859,rest lft was normal. Low Hb of 2.2,TLC 2750,platelet 15K. Raised ESR of 145. Rft was normal. ECG showing ST Elevation in aVR and ST depression in inf-lateral leads with raised Trop I of 586. Viral markers are neg. Pt was transfused blood which was stopped after a while due to rise in temp. Now fluid with higher antibiotics are being given. Poor prognosis has been explained to pt party.



Pt needs BT If stopped due to temp ,should restart with antibiotics and antipyrattics as he requires BT

Patient needs liters of blood. This is all from anemia. Transfuse. he is 19, should not die like this. probably relapse of aplastic anemia!!!!

Reduce iv fluids start furosemide and bp monitoring

Pt is in CHF

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