A case of Chronic Constipation found to have Colonic Mass

A middle aged male who is a k/c/o Chronic Constipation p/w Chief Complaints Poor response to laxatives Increase in severity of Constipation Anorexia since 1 month Physical Examination Grossly normal Investigations Colonoscopy revealed a growth just after crossing Hepatic Flexure compromising lumen Diagnosis What could possibly the nature and treatment approach

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Most likely colonic carcinoma. To determine type and nature of corcinoma biopsy and histopathological examination is done. Usg whole abdomen to evaluate metastasis.and stage of malignancy. Surgery and radiotherpy is option for tt.

Carcinoma of right side of transverse colon A CECT abdomen for any abdominal metastasis. A colonoscopic biopsy should have been done. A right hemicolectomy is indicated

Need advice of surgeon & Gastroenterologist for further evaluation...thnx

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