A case of chronic myeloid leukemia

Chief Complaint A 61 y/o female presents with the complaint of generalized body, weakness & 7 kg of weight loss in 1 month. History Patient has untreated coronary artery disease & COPD. Vitals BP-185/100 mmHg, Temperature-98.1°F, Pulse-85 beats/minute & splenomegaly. Investigations CBC, liver function test, blood urea, serum uric acid, serum triglyceride test and blood sugar test reports was significantly abnormal. Diagnosis Bone-marrow aspiration & Philadelphia chromosome test led to the diagnosis of CML. Treatment By looking at the history of the patient what management should be advised?


Refer the case to hematologist

Thanx dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

Podt cbc pbs images

Refer to Oncologist

What is the phase of CML what is the risk category

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor with anti hypertensive treatment

Tab Imatanib?