A case of COVID-19 cured with Homeopathy

Homeopathy can help at every stage of COVID-19 when prescribed based on totality of symptoms & individualization Share your views on this case of COVID-19 cured with Homeopathic medicines by Dr. Lubna Kamal Follow us for more such updates!



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A thorough presentation and key learnings which are very important. Importance of individuality can never be stresses enough in Homoeopathic treatment. I congratulate Dr. Lubna Kamal and her team for successfully handling the case to reach cure.

Thank you @Dr. Dinesh Gupta

Iam aDoctor Homoeopathic n Allopathic OfCourse NoDoubt Butthistime in second wave of corona pandemic about2 hundred coronapatients treated by me successfully with Allopathic medicines Notasingle patient died inmyclinic mostly patients cametomyclinc from long distance about to50 kilometers n Reffered by Different Doctors But as you says Homoeopathy will cure Corona patients my brain doesnot work n out of my brain It may be mild case maybe survived

Respected Sir, There should be no doubt that homoeopathy is useful in any stage. It requires courage, fine knowledge of disease stage and medicine, and of course time management. You have to be very confident and loyal to yourself. If possible Allopathy and homoeopathy can be given simultaneously. Homoeopathic medicines can give marvelous results in crucial time also. All the best for future. May Allah help us in our duty.

Nice & Well Efforts of Case History & Cure of COVID-19 with Homoeopathic management.

Beautly narrated. Thank you for sharing


Homoeopathic medicines have power to prevent covid19 any stages but accurate information and case taking

According to red line symptoms and piculiar symptoms and d/d so many medicines but community medicines are spedosperma Q blata ori Q, HS, spongia, anti. Tart. Bryonia etc


Arsenic alb-30 tds

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