A case of gastritis managed by homoeopathic system of medicine

Dr. Chief Complaints Patient having pain, indigestion with nausea and vomiting Location - upper abdomen Agg. - after eating and drinking Amel. - warm drinks Burning present after dinner Loss of appetite - 1 chapati / 2 meal / day History There is no history of any other disease Vitals B.P. - 132/86 mmHg Pulse - 89/ min R.R. - 22/ min Thermal - hot Physical Examination On palpation - tenderness was present in upper abdomen. Investigations Endoscopy CBC LFT Diagnosis Pan - Gastritis Management Sulphur 30/3 doses were prescribed with phytum 30/tds for 15 days On next follow up patient having relief so it was continued On 2nd follow up he was having no any other complaints so phytum was prescribed. Patient didn't go for further investigation after getting relief



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On the basis of which concept you are suggesting anacardium kindly share your view...... because there is no symptoms similarity of anacardium in this case.

Nuxvomica 200 bd 2 to 5 drops with water empty stomach and

Nux vomica is not indicated remedy in this case...... because there was no symptoms similarity

Nice result Ars.alb.200/3doses may be helpful

Yes....i also thought firstly arsenicum album but patient was frivolous even he didn't go for further investigation. Arsenicum album patient will surely go and he will be fastidious

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