Idiopathic Liver Cirrhosis

A case of Idiopathic Liver cirrhosis with non ascitic portal HTN( esophageal varices, splenomegaly) and uncontrolled T2DM and pancytopenia. May be NCPF?? Chief Complaints A 50 yr old male attended opd with uncontrolled DM. I admitted the pt and started insulin therapy. His History revealed multiple episodes of black tarry stool , pt was pale and looking toxic with splenomegaly. Past H/O liver cirrhosis without ascites and multiple banding for esophageal varices . Blood Ix showing pancytopenia, mild hyperbilirubinemia(indirect) . Retuculocyte count is normal with normocytic normochromic anemia, normal Iron profile, normal culture but raised ESR. Sugar is controlled now and cirrhosis with portal hypertension being the cause of pancytopenia. Blood transfusion and anti cirrhotic treatment has been started.


Cirrhosis with portal hypertension causing pancytopenia - suggestive of hypersplenism Diabetes Adv Control diabetes with insulin Propranolol for reducing portal pressure Proton pump inhibitors with GI motility agent such as Domperidone and Itopride along with sucralfate for treatment of peptic ulcer

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Patients of CLD can have malena sec to.. 1.variceal bleed 2.30% chance of peptic ulcer disease 3.Coaglopathy Blood transfusion Coaglogram,check EGD Pantaprazole infusion

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