A CASE OF KELOID IN BETWEEN BOTH THE BREAST CAME TO ME.... Patient is 31 years old female, came to me with a large diamond shaped keloid over the sternal region,connected to both the breast... she is having continuous itch with oozing of watery discharge from it, stitches and stretches felt.... she asked me to treat it fast...as she is getting merried next month.... patient is stout, well statured, friendly girl with fair skin.... she has no worries, except getting rid of her diease(affection).... thirst lost hunger diminished aggravation sunlight, heat, covering, wrapping... amelioration open air, scratching, lying down...



@Dr. Hemender Singh -wht is the cause of keloid ? Generally keloid tt includes steroid shot in the lesion .pts keloid is oozing here antibiotics also required. U can do microneedling RF ; skin grafting over tht area but all tt of keloid are time taking .

I agree.... But in homoeopathy we follow a different root...what about ayurvedic treatment doc....?

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Sometimes keloid is incurable.. Further more I can suggest, Silicea 1M one dose stat and wait.. Don't repeat silicea many times as it can arise disturbances in period.. Thank you

Thuja1m fortnightly ,silicea 200 daily But practically keloid in sternum I have seen no positive response

Hypertrophic scar Go for Graphitis, it is Royal remedy for such conditions, & Thuja , silicea,is alsp very helpfull. in other u can give inj. kenacort intra lesionly

Ginger every half hour ... lime juice.sunshine cherries berries apricots carrots pomegranates sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval..... walnuts blue berries .. sulpha if tolerant turmeric powder paste... under strict supervision of Doctor

It's Keloid Acid Floric-200, Nitric Acid - 30 helpful medicine

You can add Kasisadi Tailam for local application along with your homeopathic management

Silicae 30 One Dose dry. 4wks later pulse 200 One Dose dry.

Thuja 1m single dose. Later suitable complementary..

Keloid is incurable. I haven't ever seen any keloid treated.

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