A case of Posterior cervical Arachnoid Cyst by Dr. Prashant Vedwan

This week Dr. Prashant Vedwan is sharing a case of Posterior cervical Arachnoid Cyst managed with expertise. Share your views on the case & enrich your medical knowledge Follow us for more such updates!



A case of posterior cervical arachnoid cyst patient having low cervical back pain with all other parameters normal nicely diagnosed with MRI spine Operated and removed the cyst with positive result pain and weakness of muscles responded . I congratulate Dr Parshant Vedwan for diagnosing operating and treating the patients with good results

A case of posterior cervical Arachnoid cyst - with surgical decompression done with laminectomy with laminoplasty and removal of cyst done .Although majority of patients remain asymptomatic and surgery may not be required. But in this case there was marked compression of cervical spinal cord with paresis of left upper limb . An interesting and well presentation by Dr Prashant Vedwan I today's Experts Insights weekly case presentation Congratulations- Sir

Really worked hard and described from symptoms D/D , diagnosis well illustrated procedure and treatment with follow up , enrichment of knowledge and speaks volumes of entire team including neurosurgeon competency. Well done and congratulations for sharing this case.

Thanks dear Hussain

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A rare case of symptomatic type 3 arachnoid cyst ...Although intradural arachnoid cysts are often asymptomatic, they may give early symptoms when they exist with synchronous pathologies constricting the spinal canal gradually such as cervical spondylosis and these early symptoms appear in correlation with the severity of cervical spondylosis... A very well managed case Congrats @Prashant Vedwan

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Very informative, educational and successful study case presentation about posterior Cervical Arachnoid Cyst. Symptoms, diagnosis, case profile, General Examination, Neurological Examination, Investigations, planning to Surgical procedure /operative procedures, and post operative managements. Thanks for sharing useful study case Dr Prashant Vedwan. Really it's knowledge booster presentation.

Thanks Dr Askok Leel Sir

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Nice information.. Useful information uploaded.. Neurosurgery... Thanks doctor

Thanks doctor

All diamentions are well covered in explanation and in presentation.

Congratulations Sir, very important and educative post for me. Thank you Sir@Dr. Prashant Vedwan and@Expert Insights for your valuable sharing.

Thank you Sir@Md Altaf Hussain .

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Beautiful presentation. Excellent work.

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