why psoriasis reccures?

A case of psoriasis since 1 year Pt age 28 yrs Itching on and off What should be the treatment?



Tnx &wc Dr Irfan Khan

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Psoriasis.. Management.. Tab methotrexate.. Tab multivitamins antioxidants trace elements..od . Moisture lotion use.. Topical steroids use.. Clobetasol ointment used.. Retinoid... Coconut oil use.. Alovira gel use.. Keep the skin areas Sterile gauge.. Tab levocetrizine 5 mg BD.. Tab Itraconazole 200 MG OD 15 days.. Bath keto soap.. Keep the skin areas Sterile gauge...

RINGWORM ? TINEA INFECTION ? ACD ? PSORIATIC LESION OCCUR ? Rx, Oint - T Bact 2% Apply on Lesion. Tab - ROXITRHOMYCIN 150 Mg BD. Tab - ZOCON 200 Mg BD. Tab - Levocet 5 Mg BD. Before sleep Betadine Ointment also Apply . Tab - MultiVitamins and ANTIOXIDANTS TRACE ELEMENTS BD. ANTISEPTIC SOAP For Bath . AVOID SPICY and OILY FATTENING Food.

Extensive psoriasis.

Psoriasis A CD Tinea infection

Start with Shodhan chikitsa followed by Samana chikitsa. Psoriasis.

What parts of the body exactly involved? Need to roughly compute percentage

Psoriasis Rx CSR 6% oint twice daily Tab Atarax 25mg bd Tab Methotrexate weekly Tab dispred 8mg bd

Psoriasis vulgaris Will need Cyclosporin and then shift towards Methotrexate

Folitrex 5mg twice weekly Folivate once daily

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