A case with 6 time insemination but no conception(repeat breeding).

a case with 6 time insemination but no conception(repeat breeding). normal cycles almst exactly on 20-21 days. . upon follow up of per rectal regularly normal ovarian follicular (structures) cycles obsrvd. . today again insemination done. . its one time parturated. . . reason and what to b done.???? for now prescribed for progesterone on 11th day. what else can be done. . ?



fallow the procedure to break normal cycle 2.5ml gynerich on day1,2ml pragma on 7day,2.5ml gynerich on 9day and AI on 10 day.give garbamin bolus one boli per day for 20days,

it wont be cost effctv to poor farmr. .

treat the animal with progesteron on the day when comes in heat , infuse gentamicin 10ml i.u, after one hour inseminate the animal , after 4 - 6 hours re inseminate, treat the animal with vit A, tonophosphon, mineral mix regularly , diferential diagnosis for cystic ovary is required.

History please pleuriparous or heifer no of calving age at calving

alrdy mentioned one time parturatd. .

If the oestrus cycle is regular then follow the procedure as -- Do insemination on first day with in 12 hrs. Then do I/uterine with inj genta or amikacin 5 to 10 ml in dilution after 8 hrs . Then repeat AI after 8 hrs . Look after proper nutrition & min.suppliment. Keep myron tabs 10 bid for 10 days

based on what diagnosis is this treatment???

see the sp. graivty of discharge.Acidic or alkaline.go for anaerobic infection.Metronidazol may be use full.Then does ovulatory heat is seen. If not then go for harmonal therapy.can use synthetic gonadotrophins with careful handling.See for cystic ovary.Endometriosis. Then Incriminate

Provide Mineral mixture & Trywith CIDR

no it should be 2.5ml

yes dr parvij it shoud be 2.5 ml after ai...

It may be due to delayed ovulation or anovulation, Use inj Gynarich at the time of AI or use Ovulanta kit - 1 kit daily for 5 days after 7 days and AI done in subsequent estrous

inj gynarich within one hour of insemination on 4th and 11th day inj progesterone 2 ml I/m because it's a case of repeat breeding you also provide sexual rest after that you inseminate

inj gynarich 2.5ml

The picture reveals that the animal is arching its back when the hand is shoved into the rectum which insists that the animal is suffering from endometritis. Treat it . Moreover when you can administer hormones, give prostaglandin on the 12th day and inseminate the animal on 72 nd hour and a day later.

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