Atopic dermatitis

A child of five year of age brought with her mother having complaint of rash which is red in colour ...with itching ..over thighs and back discharge ... Itching present Burning sensation present Appetite mod Sleep -disturbed P/o after application of some moisturister before 3days Skin examination-colour of rash red Pain present Itching present T/t Application of shatdhaut ghrita 3times And Chandan Asava 7.5ml b.d with equal water Washing use triphala decoction Gandhak rasayan 1/2tab b.d with milk Reliefed in 3days D/d Impetigo,urticeria,pruritis




Rect pit sheet pit acid ok kro

Sulphur30 Apis melcifica30 Nat mur3x

Sulphur 30 one dose

DX Urticaria RX Apis Mel 30 TDs Urtica Urens Q 8 drops BD

It's not bullous ,n not cause by any scratch etc not honey crystal like appearance age of impetigo is in smaller children

Nat mur alumina

? AD .. ? IMPETIGO ..

Dx Atopic Dermatitis ??? Rx Similimum

In the above case the diagnosis priorities/ atopic dermatitis, Sulphur 200 single dose only stat

Urticaria Apis Mel 30 tds for one week

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