A child of two and a half years old is having swelling of right scrotum which is transilluminated .both the testes are palpable.Dignosis.



Congenital hydrocele due to abnormal collection of fluid between two layers of tunica vaginalis . Transillumination test positive . Do usg of swelling to confirm it . Treatment is to wait n watch till 2 year of age . No surgical intervention needed now .

Sir no wait and watch policy in hernia If the congenitàl hydrocele is associated with hernia it has to b surgically corrected at the earliest

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Congenital hydrocele.

Persistent processus vaginalis leading to fluid accumulation called congenital hydrocele. Points to be noted are: Age Transillumination positive Testes palpable

Congenital hydroce

Hydrocele congenital

Hydrocele Rt. Wait for some time. May reduceafter 6-9months period.


Congenital Hydrocele.

Cong hydrocoele or hydrocoeleof hernia sac advised herniotomy

Very right.Congenital hydrocele is always associated with hernial sac so it is always operated as hernia.Herniotomy is the operation of choice

Congenital hydrocele

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