A chronic smoker with Dysphagia

A male aged 45 years who is a chronic Smoker Chief Complaints Dysphagia (Solids> Liquids) LOA/LOW Cough with Chest Pain (x 2 months) Investigations Barium Swallow


A case of Carcinoma lower end of oesophagus with following findings on barium swallow irregular stricture pre-stricture dilatation with 'hold up' shouldering of the stricture Diagnosis is suspected by other factors like Chronic smoking LOA, LOW Cough with chest pain due to associated reflux from esophagus Dysphagia,- solids > liquids

Barium swallow showing bird' beak like appearance suggestive of cardiac acalasia or may be malignancy of upper part of stomach involving lower part of oesophagus ( gastro oesophaeal junction) with dilatation of the proximal oesophagus Upper GI endoscopy with biopsy to decide the type of lesion then to decide teatment.

Parrot beak tappering of lower end oesophagus D/d oesophageal stricture 2 carcinoma oesophagus lower end oesophagus

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