A clinical picture of breast cancer originated from the mammary duct. Biopsy was done and there were neoplastic cells found. Choose the histological picture of the cancer. a. Neoplastic cells are arranged in small clusters occupying a space between collagen bundles (Seirrhous carcinoma) b. Spindle cell neoplasms with margins, which infiltrate adjacent structure, fat invaded (Breast sarcoma) c. Small cells with round nucleus and scant indistinct cytoplasm (Lobular carcinoma)



Red arrows show characteristic neolumina. A feature of lobular carcinoma

C lobular carcinoma..+..Indian file pattern arrangement

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Indian file pattern . Lobular ca breast

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Indianfile pattern lc

C : Lobular carcinoma

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Schirrous csrcinoms

C.Lobular carcinoma

Lobular carcinoma

Lobular carcinoma

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