A covid positive pt treated only with homeo drugs

A 32 yrs old male pt presented to us with the chief c/o headache and High grade fever with chills and sever bodyache his rt pcr was positive on dated 11/5/21 with ct score 19 as symtoms simillar to cinchona officinalis I gave him one dose of cinchona 200 and waited for 24 hours on 3 Rd day he has no fever but mild bodyache and headache. So I waited for the action to be exosted. On 5 day he developed diarrhoea so I gave him arsenic alb 30 for 2 days now he almost asymptotic except weakness. So decided to go for rt pcr again done on 18/5/21 that was positive again but now ct score is 23 . As he has only one symtoms that is sever weakness I gave him gelsemium 30 tds for 5 days. And on date 27/5/21 go for rt pcr again it was negative.



Excellent Recovery rate is 80 to 90 percent Plus viral fever so can be self limiting

I have treated many covid pneumonia thought u had 80 per cent lung damage but if u are managing on bipap or c pap above 85 percent saturation then homeo work wonderfully is he combination is brayoni 30 tds which works on pneumonia and natrum sulph 6 ch diluted in water three times a day and single dose of tuberculinum 1m make a wonder my aim is to make all people aware about this . That they have a chance to survive with homeopathy take allopathic drug but with this try this . Their is no harm in it

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Please document those cases seems relevant to you.... Now Covid or Post covid cases are common.Better do it optically. Dr. Patel ( Kottayam ) have practiced & furnished his consulting room with cameras for the cancer cases cured by him. He was very particular about THE EVIDENCE BASED cures by homoeopathy & presented in national or international seminars & his lectures classes. Dr. Patel sensed the importance of documentation and knew the comments or criticism by the IGNORANT population whether professional or non professionals who always approach Homoeopathy or Ayush systems with disbelief. ( Being former students in Homoeopathy... we know homoeopathy is not easy to study & practice. The best thing we can do is NOT TEACH HOMOEOPATHY TO THE UNTRAINED & SHOW WHAT WE CAN DO WITH EVIDENCE...)

Dr R Patel is a genius and not known to younger homeopaths.

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Good job Doctor..Keep it up

3rd report

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