A diabetic male with Negative RT-PCR for Covid

A male aged 65 years who is a known diabetic Chief Complaints Breathlessness Dry Cough Fever (on/off) (× 20 days) Physical Examination Resp - b/l rhonchi Occ crepts spO2 - 87% on room air


This is a c/o covid19 pneumonitis with pulmonary oedema irrespective of RT pcr report Hypoxic sp02 is 87% GGOs and oedema seen bilaterally in lower zones My opinion to treat under ICMR protocols And carry out rest of investigations

Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

Ground glass attenuation seen in crazy paving pattern,in bil lung fields. Possibly viral pneumonia. Needs early aggressive treatment.

Most likely covid 19. Start Rx Azithromycin Doxycycline Ivermectin Methylprednisolone Clexane inj & anti viral as per ICMR PROTOCOL Monitor spo2. Needs o2

Ground glass opacities seen bilaterally. Ct score will be about 20/25. Also r/o crp,ldh,ferritin,esr,neutrophils. Covid like changes sees. Dd.pneumonitis,ards

Pls repeat RT PCR

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