A female aged 55 years came to me today having cough with mucopurulent sputum,copius in amount , foul smelling, many times yellow to green in color more during posture change since 35 years. Spot diagnosis and management.



Dx :- X-ray features suggestive of Cystic Bronchiectasis. Colour of sputum is suggestive of opportunitic infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Advice : - Further evaluation by 1 ) Sputum for Gram's stain, KOH Preparation, Z.N Stain and C / S. 2 ) HRCT Thorax 3 ) CBC, CRP, PROCALCITONIN, FPG, PPPG, HBA1C, RFT, LFT , Anti HIV 1&2 Ab tests...

DD:Lung abscess,Fungal Ball, Cavitatory lesions, loculated pleural effusion more than 2 years- Bronchiectasis H/o 35 years - less clear for me Sir,need your expert opinion @Dr. Arjun Singh Shekhawat

This is a case cystic bronchiectasis .May be Congenital or during early childhood due to Whooping cough or chronic allergic coughing. On auscultation there were coarse crepitations in right side lower half of back. Surgical removal is last choice if condition worsens. Thanks Dr Ashutosh

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Rt apical fibrotic lesion streak in rt basal sputum foul smelling suspiscion of broncheictasis sputum examination rt basal obliterated hrct cbnat wide mediastinum copd

CXR shows Cystic changes R Lower Zone with Fibrosis and Pseudo dextrocardia and Pleural thickening R Base.Suggested HRCT Thorax for further evaluation.

Suggestive oF Cystic Bronchiectasis.


Old kochs with right upper zone fibrosis , right lower zone fibrosis with bronchiactatic sequelae. Left lung compensatory hyperinflation. Mediastinum pulled to the right. Large bulla on the right side causing compression of the right lung

Sir, are you sure about the bulla?

CXR PA view. Slightly rotated.Mediastinal shift to right. Hazy right lower zone. Partial collapse, consolidation,fibrosis right lower lobe causing mediastinal shift. History of copious, green colored expectoration suggestive of bronchiectasis or lung abscess. CT chest to clinch diagnosis.


Can u describe the x ray sir

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broncheictasis with superadded infection,antibiotics and bronchodilators and surely postural drainage

Bronchiectasis with ? Fungal infection ? Cavity lesion on rt apex lung and fibrosis rt lower lung

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