A Female aged 55yrs was brought with h/o swelling on Infero medial aspect of Rt Breast. The lump is hard in consistency, not mobile, USG Abd WNL, XRAY Chest Nad . U r diagnosis and Rx?

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Agree with Dr. Sunny Jain. It's a locally advanced Ca Breast. As Dr. Khandelwal said, scc is very rare in breast. We need to do a metastatic work up. If locally advanced i.e not metastatic a MRM followed by adjuvant chemotherapy sos radiation (based on hpr) and if metastatic, then simple mastectomy for symptoms control followed by chemotherapy for metastatic disease

Ita a fungating growth, pls do a biopsy, cect thorax and abdomen. Looks like a malignant growth. Further management depends upon the reports

I would add a bone scan as well for metastatic work up.. further management as per clinicoradiologic stage

Fungating CA breast or Squamous cell Carcinoma Inv:Bilateral mammography Surgery required- modified radical mastoidectomy..

C breast Radical mastectomy

Though we usually conclude clinically as fungating ca. Breast, we have to consider tuberculous ulcer in the DD. Other malignant growths like sarcomas, lymphomas etc.can be ruled out, preferably by a core biopsy.

fungating growth suggest Sq cell carcinoma breast. Have bilateral mammography, rx modified radical mastectomy, ct, rt with supportive therapy & follow up case. ..

Yes. morphology shows grey white appearance with central cystic lesions. Where as adenocarcinoma is of comparatively small in size. ....

Looks like malignant growth. Biopsy confirmation along with CECT chest and abdomen . Further management will depend upon workup

Probable diagnosis locally advanced Ca breast. Wedge biopsy for hpr and ER, PR and HER - 2. Bone scan or pet scan. If non metastatic go for 3 cycles neo adjuvant chemo assess response followed by MRM. If metastatic, go for palliative chemo.

Dr rohan. I saw a similar pt on Saturday. Breast lump with a diagnosis of keratinising SCC.

R-Ca breast. Opinion from onco- surgeon for further management.

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