A female had HCV+be 8yrs before.. at the age of 18yrs.. she had take antiHCV treatment.. and be

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Kindly undergone HCV test of negative not to worry If positive Look for Viral load And antibody levels USG ABD for liver status If required start antiviral

Thank you doctor

1): punnarnavadi + bhumiamla + kutki+ avipattikar churan: 2 tsp BD A/F with warm water. 2 ): arogyavardhini + punnarnavadi mandura: 1 each TID B/F 3: phalatrikadi kwatha: 30 ml BD with 30 ml warm water B/F warm

You should have to go USG of Abdomen in which HCV positive causes Cirrohosis of liver Fibroscan of liver Viral load Recurrence of HCV positive will occurs again in life

Carrier phase not known

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