A female having this silvery white scaly patch over occipital area of scalp No itching Patch is growing in nature Patient is in depression due to dispute with her husband and on allopathic medicines. All parameters all normal



@Dr. Varaprasad K.Mahimaluri sir, along with your homeopathic management you can advise for local application of 777oil.... Its having excellent results in such case, in Ayurveda we will diagnose this case as Kushtha....


scalp eruptions or eczema. H/R:- Mezerium vinica minor secol cor sepia nat mur or nat sulph. first of all care fully peculiarities find then medicine select . case curable

Start the management by giving avipathi choorna 20 Gm at night time with honey. Marichadi taila+ 777 Oil for application after purgation. Continue with panchatiktakam grtham 1Tsp MORNING BEFORE FOOD Wash head with water boiled with neem leaves.

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari it's lucodarma/ swetkusth Somraji tail mixed Coco nut oil,n Apply , Somraji tail 3/4 drop with milk, vardhani vabchi been 3 to 21 and come back to 3.

Psoriasis Scalp

Thanks Sir!

It may be PSORIASIS PATCH. Very short history to suggest any remedy. IGNATIA may be the remedy.

Sir psoriatic patch must be itch But this case no itching

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It's psoriasis Capitis, Mezerinum,petroleum, Sulphur, Sepia helpful medicine,

Otherwise psoriasis, please search constitutional & other general uncommon peculiarities, desire, aversion etc.

May be psoriasis, give constitutional treatment

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