A female non diabetic pt came with rt leg swelling plz rx & dd



This is a case of Non Diabetic Cellulitis Rt Foot and Ankle. Basic investigations FPG 2hr PG HbA1c RFT Serum Electrolytes X Ray Foot AP & Lateral view to r/o Osteomyelitis. Vascular Doppler to assess Arterial supply. C/S pus or Discharge. CBP, ESR. Surgeon's intervention is mandatory. Treatment Admission is mandatory Absolute bed rest Foot end elevation Meticulous Wound Debridement. Liberal Fasciotomies. Appropriate Antibiotics Against Gram positive Gram negative Aenarobes. Daily wound dressings. Should be done under the supervision of General Surgeon.

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Unilateral pedal edema - cellulitis - please rule out filariasis too. I can see an ulcer in the medial lower third - could be post infective also. However I feel she needs early decompression with a fasciotomy under appropriate anesthesia.

Cellulitis rt leg. exclude dm local infection. systemic desease. rx accordingly nsaids broad spectrum antibiotics. specific tt accordingly. ..surgical procedures if abscess formation. ..

cellulitis RT leg/thrombophlebitis, do colour Doppler study and treat by keeping limb elevated+heavy antibiotics like linezolid+apply locally hirudoid cream.The swelling will subside in few days then you can apply crepe bandage with ample pressure for few weeks for full improvement

diagnosis cellulitis absence of diabetes is good for patient.cellultis should be treated under the supervision of surgeon , hospitalisation is mandatory,regular dressing ,under the cover broad spectrum antibiotics ,foot end should be raised.Investigation suggested are all routine investigations to exclude any systematic disease special attention to see the condition of vessels Vascular Doppler should be done.

Cellulites right foot & ankle

one important d/d must remain in mind that is thrombophlebitis because patient is immobile ,only one leg is involved.foleys catheter suggest that patient is immobile


cellulites of dorsum of foot spreading on to leg. after investigation pt may require faciectomy etv

Cellulitis.. Rx fasciotomy.. Limb elevation.. Antibiotics and analegics

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