A female of 58 years with history of HTN has dry cough from a long time.suggest some treatment.



If you are sure that it's not secondary or there is no underlying lesion. I have seen many patients in naturopathy centre getting controlled on high BP. They were taught of Jal neti / jal enema and pranayama. You may also teach it. It has to be performed daily.Though it takes only 30 - 40 minutes in morning total. Your Ayurveda dravya selection is fine -- may carry on with these.

Has to do Chest Xray first due to long time there must be brochatitis treat with Iv antibiotics

Viyoshadi vati with madhu

If HTN isn't in control - Jatamansi ghanavati - 1tab once a day morning after food 2) Haridra khanda - 1spoon with warm milk at bedtime

Kant sudhar vati and viyoshadi vati 2 -2tab twice in a day and shitopaladi churan with honey thrice in day.

Chew Kadhiradhi vati

Kantakari ghruta or vidarayadi ghruta after food 1 tsf td Dasamoolarista

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