a female patient age27 presents with complain of right side abdominal pain which is throbbing in nature patient is also trying to conceive see the report below and plz comment to reach to most probable diagnosis



Pain can be due to rupture of the follicle Rupture of the h'gic cyst Appendicitis Tt ureteric calculus So better to go for USG Now she has Hypothyroidism with vit D3 deficiency Get her T3&T 4 done Vit D 3,60 k wkly

Get sonography done, it maybe ureteric calculus or pod.

sir do usg

You need to find out cause of hematuria

do USG. , as might be ureteric calculi . , pid or may be ovarian cyst. rt

rt uretric calculi

thanx to all of you for your valuable suggestion...

pulse normal lmp20days back,bt patient also complain blood in urine 3days back...

is it possible that haematuria bcz of aborted preg. in early days..

bcz patient has h/o recurrent abortion 2 times in first trimister

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