A female patient aged 70 years reported with complaint of intra oral swelling on lower left side posterior region..on examination it was found that a filling has been done irt 1st molar in same quardent..top +ve.. Does anyone suspect bony involvement?? any pathology?? @Dr. Vishal Gupta @Dr. Rustom Lahon @Dr. Narayana S @Dr. Chandrasekhar Lakkoju

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Swelling is related to # 36 It has large restoration with apical radiolucency Dx: necrotic pulp with chronic apical abscess Tx: RCT and crown

Periapical abscess Pulp horns Root canal treatment qad 36 Antibiotics Analgesics Antacids Multivitamins Crown

Better don't obturate till swelling subside. Take crevicular incision and take flap,check for any pus collection and try to drain.

Start with rct..... Bony Swelling shall go in a few weeks..

6 needs endo.....do an iopa of that tooth to get a more clear scenerio

Filling Looks Like Mesial Pulp Horn Involvment. Do Rct Wit Proper Bmp As Swelling Reduces Completly Obturate It Proper Condensation Nd Crown. Follow Up

Rct lower 6. Check for other problems also

Rct of 36

36 needs an RCT followed by crown. Periapical abscess seen.

Do rct in 36. Give open dressing bony swelling will go

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