uterine fibroid

A female patient aged about 40 years, came with complaint of bloated feeling 15 days ahead of her periods and she says that feels like pregnant tummy and it will be there for one week and feels fine fattened tummy before her cycles. Menstrual history: Irregular 28 day cycle with 4 to 5 days normal flow, no discomfort. Last cycle she noticed little spotting for a few days after cessation of cycle. She has a healthy child by LSCS Medical history, migraine. On my advice she took Abdomen and pelvic scan ...reports attached. It showing huge subseral uterine fibroid. Is patient needs conservative treatment or surgery is advised? Please share your opinion.




In my opinion surgery is better than conservative tt because her age is 40 years going way of menopause and her family is also completed

Ok Thank you doctor

Needs gynecological opinion