A female patient aged around 30 years complains of pain and swelling on the scalp since one month h/o self fall... k/c/o DM, no other abnormalities​, Was treated with chymerol forte, amoxclav 625, Divon plus,... but symptoms reamins same... dermoid cyst?? pls help me with Dx n Rx.


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D/D - Eccrine poroma- the turban tumour Dermoid cyst Lipoma Trichoadenoma. A FNAC will help in diagnosis

Dermoid Cyst / Eccrine Poroma - Turban Tumor/ Tricho adenoma?

Not an inflammatory swelling DD Cyst Lipoma Do FNAC

Dermoid cyst Lipoma FNAC for further management

Thanks Dr Ramesh Kumar

Hematoma usg confirm I&d under local excellent results small procedures I am doing it control diabetes

Lipomas due to LIPOMA cyst ? Neurofibromatosis.cyst. ?

Dermoid cyst. Lipoma

Refer to surgeon... Its a cystic swelling, medicine alone wont help

Dermoid cyst...Remember...BLAND..SUTTON LINE...????

@Rihad Pasha -lipoma?

No..it doesn't luk like one...but I guess dermoid cyst it is.... Wat is your opinion madam?

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