A female patient having this since 7 years . Please diagnose and suggest treatment.

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* Cicatricial Alopecia Keto soap shampoo and lotion locally. Minoxidil lotion locally bd. Multivitamin and antioxidant orally. Improve General health and personal hygiene.

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Scarring hair loss.. Could have its origin from Seborrheic dermatitis. It the loss of hair which is accompanied. with scarring. This is in contrast to non scarring hair loss. It can be caused by a diverse group of rare disorders that destroy the hair follicle, replace it with scar tissue, and cause permanent hair loss. Topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may be used to supplement the oral antibiotics. Treatment of the mixed group of cicatricial alopecias (dissecting cellulitis, folliculitis keloidalis) may include antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory medications, isotretinoin (starting dose must be small).

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Cicatricial alopecía

Scarring hair loss Scalp psoriasis

Lesions are group of ailments Primarily looks to be a c/o Sebborrhic dermititis leading to Cicatrial ALOPECIA and vitiligo due to applications of high potency creams Rx tab clindamycin 300mg 1bd Local intralesional inj kenacort Tacrolimus 0.03%oint twice daily Vitd3 -60k weekly Oral steroids Minoxidil lotion 5% twice daily with a gap of couple of hours bet tacrolimus Avoid fancy shampoo and hair dyes

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Psoriasis Tenai capitis Sd

Cicatrical Alopecia- also called scarring Alopecia A scalp biopsy is required to confirm the diagnosis Treatment Tab Hydroxychloroquine for 3 months Topical steroids or tacrolimus may be helpful As a last report triamcinolone local injections can be tried

Infective proses RESULTING alopecia Also consider associated dandruff Kataconazol Minoxidil


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Cicatricial alopecia Cause??

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