A female patient of 35yrs presented with a painless swelling in the neck. No other contributing history. What is the diagnosis and treatment.



other examination findings, seems like a lipoma from the image. but depending on its consistency it can be many other things hard nodes- suspicious for malignancy, cystic- dermoids,sebaceouscyst, tb cold abscess. needs usg neck with fnac if solid.

please do excision biopsy fnac is sometimes not diagnostic and does not give a lead looks more like lymph node so my vote for clinical examination proper history and then excision biopsy in case of any doubt

Swelling in the nape of neck can be lipoma as it is the m/c site, lymphnode swelling, lymphatic cyst, traumatic cyst, rarely Mets...kindly advice fnac, to be precise guided fnac and plan accordingly... Thank you

Lipoma, advised surgery.

most likely. .lipoma dd cystic hygroma ( lymph filled cyst) ; cold abscess (tb ) ; dermoid cyst ; sebaceous cyst ; lymph node malignancy

A lipoma which requires surgical excision. F.N..A.C will confirm the diagnosis

it seems to be a lipoma swelling of long duration. After FNAC get confirmed and surgical exicion is must.

Patient happened to be a doctor and the lesion turned out to be a large lipoma.Thanks to everyone for taking interest in the discussion.

Lipoma very common at the site in picture . rx excision. .

Sebaceous cyst or lipoma Usg evaluation FNAC may be needed if not conclusive

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