A female patient who is 10 years old.. Her 21 is nstill not erupted . On examination found a small tooth which is about to erupt. All her premolars erupted. Still 7s are on erupting stage. Please suggest what is the diagnosis and treatment plan..



Iopa is not possible , opg did not give a clear picture . I find two major answers here - mesiodens and odontome. Dear colleagues - mesiodens will be seen Inbetween two incisors , plus it morphological size won't be that of what I see in opg. Concluding the size ., it should be a odontome or two structures present Bucco- palatally over lapping ., a saggital study with cbct Wil reveal a blueprint (do one if ur Center has- now to decide on treatment u hav no choice ) if odontome - surgical removal followed by chin bone graft I'd defect warrants or simple closure later bridge or implant. If two structures are present - remove the possible Buccal altered teeth and start orthodontics accordingly later to bring 21 into occlusion .

it's not necessary that a mesiodens be present only between 2 incisor it can be placed palatal to and incisor also

Wait & watch.

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kindly take a rvg iopar of the region. it seems a mesiodens may require extraction of supernumerary teeth and exposure of central many encourage eruption, or else orthodontic intervention may be needed to facilitate eruption

The patient is not really co operative for the rvg. Thats the reason why we preferred opg..

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An IOPA of the upper anterior region plus a true occlusal film would help in diagnosing what the radiopacity is and would also help in locating it. If it is a mesiodens then extraction followed by a Maryland bridge or Hollywood bridge can be done until jaw growth is complete and then an FPD or implant can follow.

Looking at the anatomy from the opg, seems it might be a compound odontoma >> mesiodens.. in any case we need a proper iopa to see if it can survive even if orthodontically extruded.. if not, extraction followed by prosthesis would be the best option..

it's not very clear in old iopa would be better. there may be mesiodens or severe dilaceration central incisor root. please post iopa to get better picture

May b mesiodens opg is nt tht clear Better to do a rvg or iopa As per now d trt is retraction of 21 by ortho

It can be a odontome also common in upper anterior region

Hello mam, In OPG it's Not clear mam and it may be an Odontome mam and it would be better to take an IOPA of area and proceed with treatment mam

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