case of Psoriasis

A female pt age 25 came with the c/o .. Psoriatic lesion over scalp , back , upper n lower limb since 6mnths Has itching on n off Bleeding after scratching with scales At starting lesions are red than afterwards it becomea dry n brownish .. Mind symptoms- Frivulous Anger alternating with weeping Anger with irritability Desires - sour , pickles Plz suggest your valuable guide...



Anger with irritability Desire sour,pickles With skin lesions So I like to suggest Antim crud if indicate other symptoms like h/o- disappointed love or white coated tongue

No, there is no such history

Anger alter with weep + frivolous ----> bell 3x 3 dose follow by sl

Sulphur Sepia may be helpful

Thank you doctor

Kali brom kali ars

Thank you doctor

Ars alb 30ch thrice a day Graphitis30 ch thrice a day Sepia200 daily one dose Apply scaboil oil on affected parts

Mezerium 30 Sepia 30

Mezerium 30 , alumina 30

Thank you doctor

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