A female pt age 25yrs ..hav right side abdominal pain..from 7 days she has suffered subacute intestinal obs 3times in a year... She has h/o intestinal TB in 2018 due to which she suffer first time subacute intestinal obstruction..at that time surgery performed.. from that time she hav some regular problem like menstruation irregularity.. abd pain in lower GIT .. difficulty in micturation.. and during menses dysurination become easier... Invst Tlc normal Dlc normal Hb 10.3 RBs 130mg/dl Urine culture normal At this time she has rt side abd pain.. Amenorrhea from 2 months Difficulty in micturation She is discharged on 15/04/22 from subacute intestinal obstruction...also.. Plz adv further management and treatment..


Was there any evidence of TB in 2018.if yes, then it is highly likely, it is recurrence of intestinal tuberculosis. Needs biopsy/drug sensitivity for class 2 treatment. Get AFB urine, colonoscopy, if nothing, then diagnostic laparoscopy.

Lachesis,200 Homoeo

Simple Ovarian Cyst ? Bowel Thicken / Clumping ? R/o TB Adv CBNAAT , AFB , Colonoscopy + Biopsy ,CBC ,ESR Rx Tab.Ovatril L OD × 21 day then stop 5 day period come then Start again × 3M Repeat USG after 3Months

But sir she has complete her TB course of 12months...