a female pt age 27 years suffer from boil in leg redness and surrounding region hot and severe pain pls suggest the treatment and diag nos



Boils with surrounding cellulitis 1. Aceclofenac or Diclofenac(Pain killer) + Trypsin or Chymotrypsin (Anti inflammatory). 2. Oral antibiotic targeting Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. Preferred drugs are Amoxyclav or (Ampicillin + Dicloxacillin) or First /Second Gen. Cephalosporin with or without Beta lactamase inhibitors. 3. Ranitidine or Pantoprazole 4. Topical Mupirocin or Nadifloxacin or Sodium fusidate 5. R/O Diabetes. 6. Advice limb elevation, Warm saline water or Mag Sulph compression.

Boils complicating c Cellulitis.Inj TT, Coamoxyclav,Clarithromicin,Magsulf compress,Anti inflammatory, Analgesic & topical Antibiotics c anaesthetic agent

Why TT sir ? As we know boils are usually Staph or Streptococcal infections..... not of clostridium tetani.

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Boil with cellulitis Furuncle RX.. Cefuroxine with NSAID Topically oint mupirocin/ Fucidin

Thank you doctor

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DD:boil, fruncle, pyoderma Rx.tab Amox clav 625 bd ×5 days, tab acelo-para bd, oint mupirocin. Good hygiene

Acute cellulitis,Amoxy Clav , Serratiopeptidase+diclofenac ,Ranitidine orally, Mupirocin ointments L/ A

It is furuncle,nsad&cap sephalexin,mupirocin oit locally

Thanks sir

Boil with cellulitis

Boils eith Cellulitis. Give Amoxxyclav 625mg BD

Pl get blood sugar RX Hot compress , CEFUROXIME- linzolid 1 b .d pc 10 days + A probiotic NSAID sos

Thank you doctor

Cellulitis. Ibupara Amoxyclave PPI

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