A female pt.age 45 she is suffering from this last one month. Kindly diagnosis and advice me Rx for this how I managed this


Tinea corporis

Psoriasis check for scalp lesions and skin in back sacral areas

it's tinea corporis. treat with local clotrimazole/miconazol cream along with fluconazole 150 once in wk for 4wks

site of lesion is tinea,but looks to b psoriasis r/o dm

it appears to be bulbous disorder.pemphigus vulgaris.

may be extension of scalp psoriasis dd tinea curis


History required . Occupation . Usage of some chemical on scalp eg dye ? Mehdi ? Any other associated ailment like autoimmune .

tinea corporis. treat= Tab.arogyavardini vati 2 bd Tab.kadiradi vati 2 tds syp.mahamanjishtadi kada 3 tsf bd application is shatdhout ghrit+manjishta powder+arjun Sal powder+nimb sal powder+ priyangu powder.

looks like tinea infection..dermatophytosis

clotrimazole cream and dusting powder

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