A female pt age about 56 yrs, suffering from palpitations, burnings

a female pt age about 56 yrs, suffering from palpitations, burnings sensation in epigastric region ,soft yellowish ,flat plaque from 2 yrs . taken lots of modern medicine, come to my clinic. I advice lipid ,thyroid profile rbs. kindly suggests your valuable opinions. thanx..



Flat plaque is xanthalesma. Burning sensation in epigastric region could be gastritis. I would do ECG along with investigation adviced by u. Rest depends upon reports.

ECG, 2D ECO, USG Abdomen,X ray chest CBC मरीज का कई बार हुआ ,हर बार नारमल है लेकिन lipid,thyroid कोई नही कराया ,जबकि उसने बड़े नाम वालो को दिखाया है

Dr.J.p.singh provide Jawaher Mohr's no 1.,Akik pishti,with Khamira Marvarid empty stomach with milk &Murebba Awmla. After meal Draksha Asav &Avipatiker churan. After controlling of pulpitation pl. Handle with other tmt if seems.

Thanx sir.. I started.. लीला विलास रस कामदूधा रस मोती पऱवाल पिषटी सत गिलोय सूत शेखर रस सभी सुबह शाम शहद से तगर रात मे सारशवतारिषट(सोना घटित) कुछ सुझाव आमंतित है

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Plz give vitals of patient I.e. pulse , b.p.,CBC , Palpitation is due to anaemia also If there is associated pitting oedema with dyspnea on exertion then it cardiogenic .

Wait for the investigations.... Then we can plan the management....

Rx Dhatu poustika Chu with milk,. P Mandoor tab bid, arogya vardhini vati bid,.

You did right, moreover according to age and no pre-existing dis and even if your report turn to normal which would suggest persistent anxiety neurosis (? due to socio- economical stress)palpitations and burning is a part. Of it. Counsaling to withstand situation and some medicine to relieve anxiety until responce achieved

Flate pluque can be xanthalesma,and burning sensation in epigastric reason may be hyperacidity or associated with palpitations can cadiac problem,or psychological problem.We should investigate ECG,Thyroid function test,SGPT,ultrasonography,Lipid profile& endoscopy.after differential diagnosis we start treatment.Until we should give1,Rablet it cap_1cap daily,2.Dizaral Az 1tab b.d.3.Anaesthatic antacid,4.Oxiron _syrp.

Ginger lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods and beverages no vyasan pomegranat e muskmelon cucumber cherries berries apricots dates carrots...figs apricots cauliflower broccoli purple cabbage cabbage juice beetroot sweet potato green leafy vegetables guava... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval under strict supervision of Doctor

Agree with Dr Seema Shaikh.

This is xanthelema.. Common among heavy built females. Cholesterol needs to be investigated. Advice low fat intake.

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