A female Pt with 57 yrs old and having this complaint since 40 yrs . Just one month before she has met me with barrel shaped lower leg looks like eliphentiasis. She had undergone test for filariasis 4 yrs back but didn't find anything .I gave medicine for her oedema and she has got some relief with it. After one month tmt her leg becomes as shown in the image



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Elephantiasis / philpaw Nityanand Ras 2 BD Arogyabardhani bati2 BD Panchtikat ghrit guggul 1 BD Vridhibadhika bati2 BD Rasnadi guggul 2 BD Mahayograj guggul 2 BD Punarnewadi guggul 1 BD N Apply Mahamashtail Mahavishgarbhatail mixed up N apply dressing with Tambul leaf dressing with warm hot water beg.

@Dr. Edison Peter Sir Lymphedema ( post filariasis?/ Patient might had juvenile filariasis and chronic lymphedema since then). Yearly checkup for filariasis may be a must. RFT, ECG and CBC for eosinophilia and breast examination may be done. There are prominent varicose veins complicating the treatment by favouring further lymphedema further for which a duplex ultrasound may be required. Compression bandage is a must. Line of treatment in Ayurveda will be of Shleepad, Shotha and Siraj granthi. The disease looks Yapya in Ayurveda because of remission due to damaged lymph vessels. Long term and frequent sessions of treatment be required. External application of bark of Kaner, Vatsnabh, seeds of Dhatura, kalihari, mustard, apamarg mool bark, bark of Karanja, rock salt, kooth, haritaki, root of Ark, root of shobhanjan and root of saanthi in cow urine for external application

What you have advised as Shoth Har? @Dr. Edison Peter sir It looks like Shleepada... Better to screen once again....

Punarnavadi Kwath

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I think USG with FNAC will give the right solution till provisionally we can diagnose it as lymphadenitis ...

Respected sir... Purvi usg/blood tests navhatya ... So... why usg & others tests ...? sorry for ... if you are not agree with my opinion

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It seems to be a case of elephantiasis. Clinically you can confirm whether it is pitting or non pitting. If non pitting then go for treatment of elephantiasis by Nithyananda rasa, Kanchanar guggul, Arogyvardhani.

In Sleepada along with oral tt extl lepana is most imp as given in Yogaratnakara,. Then only we can get some more results,,

Jalaukavacharana is the best for this

Punarnavasav bid kanchanar guggul bid latakaranj + arand oil lep triphala guggul bid

+ Gandharv haritaki @ night

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