what is disease and find the remedy

A female suffering from severe constipation from 5 years , swelling of rectum during stool . Itching and swelling of whole body. Gaining wait 4 kg in 2 month

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Please share the case history and investigation done bsl, htn 1) Swarn Malini basant vrihat 1 tab. Maha Lakshmi vilas Ras 1 tab Punarnavadi mandur 1 tab. Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab. Kamdudha Ras moti 1 tab 2) Abhayarishta 1 tsf, Kumari asava no.1 1 tsf b.d.p.c 3) Proctsedyl H oint, Pilex oint before and after defecation 4) Triphala churna, Panch sakar churna 5gm at bedtime with warm water

Menstrual history and mind symptoms?

She is above 50 yrs old doctor

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Passiflora Q and Staphisagria and Chelidonium can cure it.

Ratahnia, Acid nitric 30 Thyroidinum 3x Thuja cm fortnightly

Thank you doctor

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Graphitis 10M 1dose

I agree

सोराइनम२००व नक्सवोमिका३०.

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