A female who is morbidly obese p/w complaints of Chromic Dry cough and poor appetite since 3 months...She also complains of Weight loss..On auscultation, she was found to have coarse crepitations in b/l lung fields (left>right)...comment on her HRCT chest



exp film with cardiomegaly there are b/l patch infiltatre with subpleural distrbution in lower zone possibilty of esionplilic lung disease ? ealry ild? other infective process, need to review close views


very difficult to answer on such image ..need close up image to be sure about any diagnosis ..obvious findings are mosaic attenuation and mediastinal fat ..it is not pericardial effusion ..definite bronchiectasis i am not sure ..need close up ..picture can be suggestive of even hypersentivity pneumonitis , if not bronchiectasis


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Bilateral Brochiactasis is obivious.. However there is rim of Effusion around the heart..

Rt paracardiac rounded opacity seen. Changes of bronchiectasis with few lesions of tree in bud appearance. Suspicious,Thin rim of pericardial effusion seen. (Close up images would be great helpful for more details)