A female with Acute onset Obstipation

A female aged 45 years Chief Complaints Inability to pass flatus and faeces Pain Abdomen (x 4 hrs) Physical Examination P/A- Distended, BS(-) Investigations Xray Abdomen


Multiple gaseous shadows seen in both small and large intestines- with absolute obstipation - most likely a case of SAIO - could be a sequelae to impacted faecoliths. Start with conservative treatment 1.NPO 2.RT - suction 3.IV fluids 4.Parenteral antibiotics 5.A proctoclyss enema If obstruction is not settled in 12 hours a CECT abdomen will help in pin - pointing the site of obstruction and further treatment

Partial intestinal obstruction X ray abdomen shows dilated small bowel loops There is some has seen in common This indicates that there is a partial intestinal obstruction in distal ileum, probably at ileocecal junction Adv IV Antibiotic IV fluid USG abdomen Complete blood count, renal and liver profile, CT abdomen and pelvis with oral and IV contrast

SAIO Conservative mx Enema with nomotonic or glycerine Iv fluids Iv antibiotics Pre and probiotics Pantaprazole and domperidone

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