A hemorrhoid present in a 36 year ol alcoholic male.. HIV is negative.. Lets discuss the management for the same.

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appear to be thromboses piles but a P/R should be done to rule out a mass. Patient should be advised Sitz bath and prepared for surgery

basic CBC,bt,ct,pt,LFT,rbs,Surea,screat, USG to rule out portal hyper tension glycerine dressing to reduce edema then plan for early haemorrhoidectomy

Given the history of alcoholism, one should see for portal hypertension. Get a USG done to see for PV diameter and Liver cirrhosis. If portal hypertension detected, it should be treated medically first. Local treatment for hemorrhoid includes Sitz baths, local antispasmodic and lignocaine gel application, high fibre diet and some lactulose preparation to prevent constipation. Long term management includes alcohol deaddiction and plan for surgery once portal hypertension is settled.

Blood sugar levels Heamogram ESR. BT CT PC and PT. Biopsy. Urgent Hemorrhoidectomy

It is a prolapsed haemorroid Put a hypertonisc saline dressings Bed rest Anti inflammatory Inj.Orni O IV BD Haemarroidectomy once edema subsides n reducible Stool softeners

prolapsed piles, try for manual reduction followed by surgery,

Check basic hematological parameters. Ice pack TDS helps a lot in such cases. Raise the leg end of the bed. Try manual reposition- and then hemorrhoidectomy once edema subsides

Prolapsed hemorrhoids ..not more than excision in single stage ...sphincter function could be compromised

its prolapsed hemorrhoids..as patients is alcoholic check for bleeding parametera befor surgery. stapler hemorrhoidopexy is best surgery in this case. get usg abdomen as it could be secondary to portal hypertension.

It's a csae Of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids First needs reduction of Prolapsed Hemorrhoidal mass by using Glycerine Magnesium Sulphate Soaked Gauges placed over prolapsed mass and changing the dressing every 6th hrly for doing this pt has to be admitted in the hospital Once the edema comes down reposition the Hemorrhoidal mass into anal canal digitally After edema subsides plan for hemorrhoidectomy I prefer to do MIPH surgery as there will be an element of partial rectal prolapse whicj can be corrected by doing MIPH surgery

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