Menopause, leucorrhea, arthritis

A lady 40 yrs of age, have knee joint pain since 3-4 yrs < after menses,evening and damp weather, > by pressure Recurrent UTI M/H- Heavy bleeding with clots for 7 days Sleeplessness before periods Burning micturition before and after menses Leucorrhea after periods- Sticky discharge USG uterus- multiple fibroids seen CRAVING- Sweets AVERSION- Milk Tendency to form Warts...seen on dorsum of foot, cheeks Tendency - cold and cough, coughing on fanning fast Allergic to dust, pulses Feels tired and exhausted easily O/H- 14 yrs old boy..LSCS Rx??



Most of the symptoms indicate sycotic miasm predominant, so try to select an antipsychotic medicine like thuja

Consider Sabina

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Blood test seram uric acid Ra factor Calcium May be uric acid is increased....... This test is mandetory

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RX Thalapai Bursa ,Sepia ?

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Kreosote 30 3d,sabinaQ 2d



You can start with your case Lach 1M single dose....

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