A lady hvng 3mo amenorrhoea with copious white discharge and vulval pruritus and cluster like growths wdin 10 days appeared..wat is d diagnosis n treatment



Good case Dr. Nikeshvari It's GENITAL WARTS It is commonest VIRAL STD problem after HERPES GENITALIS in females. In this visual shows Multiple soft NODULAR lesions in the vagina or around the LABIA MINORA caused by HPV TREATMENT Some forms of treatment are harmful in pregnancy. So postpone the treatment for small warty lesions . But here large warty lesions are seen. RF cautery, CRYOSURGERY and careful application of TCA at visual lesions. Plan the treatment for interior lesions after delivery. During delivery to take precautions to avoid spreading the virus to child. Regular PAP smear to exclude cervical malignancy.

Thanx sir

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Genital wart Advise for surgery after proper investigation

C.acuminata or l.circumscriptum

condyloma acuminata

could have progressed to secondary PID, could explain amenorrhea

Need biopsy

Condyloma acuminata

Genital warts

Irregular growth ,short history biopsy shld be done

genital warts


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