A male 25 yrs old presented with these painful eruptions since a week....what are these?

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Yes this is Herpes oris/labialis Rx tab acyclovir800mg5timesper day for 7days local application of acyclovir oint5timesper dayfor 7days . +add antibiotic tab Azithromycin500mg1odx5days add antiallergiclevocetrizine 5mg 1x2times for 5days. In this case after recovery keep antiviral on maintenancedose for 1month or so add tab pregabalin 75+tryptomer 10 or 25 mg at bedtime.you can add methycoblamine1500ug

Agree with Dr agarwal

Herpes labialis Treatment with tab Acyclovir 400mg t.d.s for 7days and multivitamins

Severe herpes labialis seen in acute febrile illness like pneumonia, treatment is acyclovir treatment of the primary condition



Herpes labialis

Herpes simplex.. Tab aciclovir 400 mg four four times daily for 5 days. Aciclovir ointment for local application

Herpes labialis treat with Acuvir tab and Acuvir ointment

- Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis

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