what is the diagnosis

A male 42yr with such lesions on buttocks ,itching,suggest diagnosis and treatment.



Dr. Pradeep, It's MAJOCHHI GRANULOMA... Resistant type of fungus.. due to improper and incomplete treatment with different oral and topical antifungals Cap itraconazole 200 mg 3 wks Oxyconazole topical application...

It seems to be case of ringworm infestation over buttocks. These type of lesion is very common in covered areas with wet condition may be due to sweating. Keep the area dry by sprinkling over with candid powder Tab Fluconazole 200 mg twice in wk for 6 wks then once In a wk for another 6 wks Antifungal ointment to apply at night.

Thanks Dr Rakesh Kayastha

Tinea corporis..? Vitiligo..? Gutte psoriasis..?

Tenia corporis Tab itraconazole 200mg 1 bd for 7 days Oint lulliconazole

Tenia carporis type of fungal infection caused in buttock Very infection caused due to poor hygiene Not wearing dry clean cloths Start tab flukan 200 od for 2 wk Use any oint of azole like itnraconazle after bath 2 times a day If prognosis not achived use terbinafin cream Incorporate the patient to bath 2 times a day and wearing clean cloths also not sharing beds towels of others

Ringworm in buttocks.

Tinea corporis

Infected scabies

Taenia cruris

Tinea /ringworm infection Tab gocan150 2 /ek Oint. Flucanazole 2times per day Keep affected area clean and dry

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