A male age 20 year h/o tobacco chewing, mouth open hardly two

a male age 20 year h/o tobacco chewing, mouth open hardly two fingers.c/o soreness , ulceration of mouth with burning sensation .white pach on tounge ?(fungal) infection.diagnosed and suggest treatment.z


This is osmf-grade 2 according to khanna jn and andraei nn classification. Also white patches are seen on the tongue suggestive of candidiasis, if it is scrappable. Also, elevated lesion on tongue is seen. Do biopsy for confirming that lesion. Tt- Local- 1. Stoppage of tobacco. 2. Reassurance of pt. 3. Habit counselling of pt. 4. Administration of vitamins, minerals and Corticosteroids. For candidiasis - nystatin, ketoconazole, antifungal drugs For osmf- Warm saline rinses. Ice cream stick exercise. Blowing conch(shank). Blowing of balloons. Administer vitamins or antioxidants as per deficiencies, if any. Inj. Kanacort for osmf Inj. Placentrix for osmf Inj. Hyalurodinase for osmf Surgical treatment - Surgical excision of osmf bands followed by grafting that site with the tongue. Remember that [according to burkit oral medicine] , surgical excision of band in osmf if followed by graft taken from tongue is done, then it has a good Prognosis. Also, surgical excision is considered the worst treatment for osmf pts. In this case, there is a lesion on tongue also, first confirm that elevated growth on tongue and then start with the treatment of what is required. Also, maintainence of oral hygiene is must.

Sir can u suggest the dosage of drugs u have prescribed

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Oral candidiasis with Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) grade 2 with trismus. 1.Stoppage of tobacco chewing with improvement of oral hygiene. 2.Routine blood tests with Bl.sugar n HIV. 3.Biopsy of dorsum of the tongue to r/o malignancy. 4.Locally antifungal lotion. 5.Orally Pre pro antibiotics. 6.If Hb is less ...Haematinic. 7.Look for regional lymphadenopathy. 8.Orally Tab.Trypsin+bromelein +rutoside to lessen the trismus with antioxidants tablets.

White plaque is oral candidiasis. Advice candid mouth paint. There is an elevated region or swelling at the centre of tongue. DD carcinoma of tongue. Confirm with biopsy. Check lymph nodes. Restricted mouth opening might be due to oral submucous fibrosis. Refer the patient to onchologist to rule out any malignancy. Stop tobacco chewing immediately.

oral trush can be a association wt many presentation. if pt is not HiV positive, proceed to keep in mind ab8t possibilty of ca tongue. elevation in middle of tongue may nessicitate biopsy. less mouth opening is due to masseteric spasm which may be due to refered pain, inflamation.

There is oral thrush which needs to be managed conservatively. However, there appears to be a growth in the dorsum of the tongue (not very clear in the image). A biopsy needs to be taken and if it's positive for carcinoma, it needs to be managed as per guidelines.

Oral thrush with glossitis/ Rule out OSMF. Oral & topical antifungal, antibiotic, betadine gurgle ,multi vitamin, cap SM fibro : 1 cap bd for 6 months/ strictly no no to tobacco chewing


If mouth opening is reduced then it's probably due to OSMF with candidiasis ot

Glossitis with Thrush. Candid Mouth paint locally. Inj Polybion IM 5 days.

Tablet Candiforce 200mg once a day for 15 days Hexigel locally Tablet Biotin +Folic acid 500mg twice a day Betadine gargles Pain killers along with Clindamycin 15O mg twice a day for 15 days could be ca of tongue culture of ulcer

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